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We are a cross-border tax advisory firm. Our goal is to help you navigate your international tax journey. We provide tailored solutions to best suit your unique circumstances. 


Cross-Border Individual Tax Advisory

We are the go-to firm if you have individual US tax issues specific to international matters. Our practice focuses on this narrow field.  Unlike traditional CPA and tax law firms, we aim to provide timely tax consultancy with ease based on digital technology. We work with foreign financial assets reporting issues, US exit taxes, planning to abandon your permanent residency, and global assets transfers (gifts or inheritance). 

Our mission is to create a psychologically and financially rewarding work experience for our team members and to advance society and humankind by helping cross-border professionals and their families with international tax planning.

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Foreign Financial Assets Reporting

  • Checkmark Did not file FBARs
  • Checkmark Did not accurately report foreign financial accounts

Foreign Gifts / Inheritance Cross-Border Estate Plan

  • Checkmark Did not report gifts/inheritance of over $100k from US non-residents
  • Checkmark Wants to Prepare Cross-Border Estate Plan

Abandoning Green Card / Exit Tax Planning

  • Checkmark Final Tax Returns Preparation
  • Checkmark Exit tax simulation
  • Checkmark Intrernational Asset transfer

Other Cross-Border Tax Consultation

  • Checkmark Tax Controversy
  • Checkmark Cross-Border Pension / WEP provision

How does CHI Border work?

We understand tax sounds complicated enough. So we made our process as simple as possible. 

1. Schedule a meeting

First, reach out to us via Form, Email, Text message, or Facebook Messenger. We will get back to you in 24 hours to schedule a meeting. Make sure you fill out the form. 

2. Meet our advisor

During your online meeting, you will get to talk with our experienced consultants and discuss your situation. We will provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. 

3. Let the work begin

After the meeting, we will send you a detailed execution plan with the expected quote. Once you accept the quote, our journey will begin. 


What makes us different?

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We made the complicated taxation process hassle-free. We will walk with you side by side until you are 100% satisfied.

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Unlike traditional CPAs or Law firms, we strive to provide affordable services by utilizing digital technologies.

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25+ years of Experience.

With over 25 years of experience in cross-border taxation, we have helped hundreds of professionals and their families.


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Need clarification?

How do you invoice your services?

We will send you an invoice via email or publish the invoice in your portal. The system automatically reminds you when we issue an invoice. Please see the details under Pricing page. 

How can I talk to you?

 It is best to speak with us via our online meeting after you have completed the questionnaire. There is no better way to protect yourself. For privacy reasons, we recommend that you do not include your questions in your emails or chat boxes. Alternatively, you can contact us via chat, email, Facebook Messenger, or our online forms. Our communication channels are open at all times.

What Do You Do?

Our firm provides individual international tax consultations to US taxpayers. Our firm does not prepare tax returns. To help you navigate the US international tax system, we work with CPA firms or you directly. We have a narrow focus. 1. Foreign Financial Accounts Reporting, 2. Exit Tax and Abandoning Green Card, and 3. Foreign Gift and Inheritance.

What qualifications do you have?

We have over 25 years of working with cross-border professionals and their families in taxation.  Our CEO is a US CPA and a licensed attorney in Illinois. 

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